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Enjoy the amazing experience and sensation of flying the aircraft of your choice in this flight simulator built from the ground up.

Be on a simulated flight-deck, true to size of an Airbus A380, utilising 6 HD LED display monitors for visualisation of the surround view and 2 HD LED monitors for the instrumentation display, a Hi-Fi Dolby 5.1 surround sound system as well as integrated true to life autopilot and radio stack.

You can fly the simulator from a Cessna 172C up to an Airbus A380. By choosing a flight simulator session at Virtual Flight, you can board the aircraft of your choice and choose your favourite destination. Fly from city to city within our simulator, or choose a scenic flying experience over any city in the world. You will be able to practice all the techniques for take-off and landing as it is in an actual commercial jet flight. You will board the flight deck simulator at our central Auckland venue with easy free parking. Come and enjoy this experience alone, with an instructor and/or with a friend or colleague. During your flight simulator experience, you will be the pilot in charge, however, for inexperienced pilots there will be a flight instructor sitting in the co-pilot seat. This ride will truly amaze you with an unforgettable opportunity to sit in the captain’s seat in this true-to-life flight simulator.

Current New Zealand IPA members can enjoy a healthy discount by signing into the members area and navigating back here then going to THIS PAGE where you will be able to make a booking using our unique IPA discount code.

Check out the simulator website at www.virtualflight.co.nz

This offer is brought to you by New Zealand IPA member Herman SMEETS.

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