How to Join

Membership is open to all serving and retired members of the New Zealand police service. To join the IPA you need to download an application form, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the form. The Police Credit Union Form and Westpac Authority for Automatic Payments form comes with the application form. Forms are also available from the Regional Secretaries.

Once details have been checked and approval given the Secretary-General will issue, direct to the applicant, a membership card and lapel badge.

The membership card is recognised throughout the world as official membership identification.

Instructions for Forms:

The PDF (Adobe) version of the form can be filled out once it is opened. When finished save the form, the Credit Union and Westpac Authority for Automatic Payments forms need to be printed out and filled in then scanned.

If you choose to pay by automatic payment you will also need to fill out the Westpac Authority for Automatic Payments form, if you choose this option the credit union form will not need to be submitted.

Once both forms are completed they can be either:

  1. Emailed to The Secretary General at: or;

  2. Posted to the Secretary General at:

The Secretary-General, IPA New Zealand,

10 Vista Place
Kawaha Point
New Zealand

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