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Region 1, IPA New Zealand section, encompasses the area from the North Cape, the northern most tip of New Zealand, south to Auckland, New Zealand's largest metropolitan area. The region has much to offer visitors where ever their interests may lay.

We have an active membership of about 222 active members for the region.

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World Police Games August 2017 by Sarah SU



I travelled to Los Angeles, United States of America to participate in the World Police Fire Games on the 7th August 2017.  I won two silver medals in the 100 metres and 200 metres sprint events for 50 to 54 years women.  I came second to World Marsters competitor Krista Francis-Raymah from Trinidad of Tobago.  She is an outstanding sprinter and won both events.  I received support

from Sheriffs and Police Officers at the Track & Field Event.  I have made friends and have them on my personal facebook. 


It was truly an honour to represent NZ Police this year and although I haven’t sprinted since the Australian, NZ Police Games in 1987, I was very happy to gain a second place.  I am keen to compete in the WPFG 2019 which are held in Chengdu in China.  I previously won two gold medals at the 2015 WPFG in body building held in Virginia, USA.


I was very fortunate to have IPA member Gloria Ramirez Halman, Region 6, Southern California host me from the time I arrived in the States for a whole week.  She drove me to my events situated over an hour away so that I could compete.  She organised my shopping sprees at the best Malls and shouted a boxing training session for me with a UFC trainer.  My success with my competing is due to her being such a wonderful host.

She drove me to a Mexican Tequila tasting annual event in San Jose, Northern California where I shared a VIP table with her and her son and close friends.  Whilst in San Francisco Bay Gloria introduced me to the President Tom of the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs Association who took me for a tour in their Social Club rooms.  I received luncheon and a Swagg bag of souvenirs from Region 9, San Francisco Bay. 


I am overwhelmed with the kind hospitality I have received from IPA members in USA especially

Gloria Ramirez-Halman who is now a member of Region 9, Northern California.  I have made a lifetime friend and plan to visit her next year.  I appreciate the support I have received from my own Region here in Auckland.


Sarah Su



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