Benefits of Membership

The IPA creates an opportunity for cultural exchange and contacts on a local, national and international level. It is a tremendous organisation for members and their families totravelanywhere in the world, gaining access to affordable IPA houses, homes, and accommodation. Travellers find police officers around the world have much in common, and love to share their thoughts and experiences with fellow officers.

Although not a requisite for membership, all members are encouraged to host visitors in their homes and to act as guides to visitors (arrangements will be made through the appointed Hosting Officer in each Region). Many lasting friendships develop this way and exchange visits may eventuate.

Members are also encouraged to take part in social activities within their ownregion, such activities being organised by their social committee and can range from dinner boat cruises, to movie nights or sporting events - the possibilities are endless.

International Youth Gatherings (IYG) are held annually in one of the member countries belonging to IPA.These gatherings are open to the children or grandchildren of current IPA members. Participants will have reached the age of 16yrs but not have exceeded 17yrs as at the commencement date of the gathering they wish to attend.

There are also opportunities for members to travel overseas to further their study. The Arthur Troop Scholarship is awarded annually to 10 IPA members to attend a seminar at the International Conference Centre 'IBZ Schloss Gimborn', or at a comparable institution. Read about our own magazine editor, Jillian Reid, and her experiences after she was awarded the Arthur Troop Scholarship for 2007 and travelled to Europe researching policing and communication networks.

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