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Shafts of Strife by David Bates

Wellington Under Siege

An autocratic prime minister wants to get rid of the Police Commissioner, take away the constitutional independence of the police and allow the United States to build a naval base in the middle of Wellington Harbour.

Police officer turned lawyer David Bates has set his alarming story, Shafts of Strife (Custom Book Publications, pb), in the mid-80s when New Zealand’s anti-nuclear movement was at its height and police were used to dealing with protests and anti-government rallies.

In this tense environment, one highly organised group is determined to make clear its opposition to the naval base with a series of shocking actions that challenge both Parliament and the police. 

The debating chamber is occupied, the United States embassy is attacked and two people die, the MtKaukau communications tower is blown up and central Wellington is blockaded.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner has been drawn into a political tug of war with a prime minister determined to use his majority to wrest power from the police and hand over control to the army.

The book is billed as a story of democratic power and protest. It is also a portrayal of how police operations must be done with consideration for the rights and safety of the whole country, not just the whim of one person.

This is Bates’ third work of fiction for adults. He says the idea for the story came in his last year with Police in 1981, the era of the Springbok Tour, the Muldoon andLange administrations, anti-nuclear protests and the Prince Charles and Princess Diana royal tour, when, as an inspector, he worked as a legal adviser at Police National Headquarters

Story courtesy of the New Zealand Police Association - www.policeassn.org.nz


The Student Body by Simon Wyatt


When Detective Simon Wyatt got of bed and promptly fell to the floor as both legs gave way underneath him, he knew something was very wrong. He could barely walk and couldn’t move his toes, but a doctor told him it was probably cramps associated with an earlier stomach bug.

Simon couldn’t believe it was that simple and deployed his detective skills, starting with Dr Google.

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Behind the Tape - Lance Burdett

New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost and the extreme pressure to perform under tough and confronting circumstances.

New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost, and the extreme pressure to perform in tough and confronting circumstances. Lance Burdett was in the police force for 22 years, in a variety of high-level roles: head of the negotiation team; running the 111 call centre; intelligence management; protection squad; and emergency responders.

He worked on some of New Zealand's best-known cases, such as the Jan Molenaar case, where Lance headed the negotiation team, and the George Baker prison hostage negotiation with the man who murdered Liam Ashley.

Behind the Tape is fast-paced, narrative-driven true crime that makes for a gritty, confronting read.

New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost and the extreme pressure to perform under tough and confronting circumstances.

New Zealand's top police crisis negotiator reveals the everyday drama of being a cop: the lives saved, the lives lost, and the extreme pressure to perform in tough and confronting circumstances.

Lance Burdett was in the police force for 22 years, in a variety of high-level roles: head of the negotiation team; running the 111 call centre; intelligence management; protection squad; and emergency responders. He worked on some of New Zealand's best-known cases, such as the Jan Molenaar case, where Lance headed the negotiation team, and the George Baker prison hostage negotiation with the man who murdered Liam Ashley.

Behind the Tape is fast-paced, narrative-driven true crime that makes for a gritty, confronting read.

Category:  Biography & Autobiography
ISBN:  9781877505607
Publisher:  Allen & Unwin
Pub Date:  August 2016
Page Extent:  256
Format:  Paperback - C format

An Illustrated History of Auckland Central Police Station by Ken Brewer

Story courtesy of the New Zealand Police Association - www.policeassn.org.nz

True Confessions of a Country Cop



Story courtesy of the New Zealand Police Association - www.policeassn.org.nz


The Bassett Road Machine-Gun Murders - By Scott Bainbridge | Allen and Unwin 2013 (pb)























Story courtesy of the New Zealand Police Association - www.policeassn.org.nz


The Adventures of Police Dog Zeus by Sue Burridge

They say everyone has got a book in them, and who was police dog handler Sue Burridge to say otherwise.

Her book The Adventures of Police Dog Zeus, loosely based on the challenges and triumphs of her first police dog, Demon, will be launched at Paraparaumu Beach School today.

Some of the stories are based on Demon's own adventures, although some are fictional - the incident involving a golf ball is real but he was never afraid of the dark, she said.

"The first dog always holds a special place - while you're learning to be a police dog handler, they're learning to be a police dog," Burridge said. "Sometimes you don't get it right first time, so it's a journey of firsts for both of you."

She road-tested the book with Paraparaumu Beach School pupils a couple of years ago, tweaking it to make sure it hit the right age level.

"To have kids read something I've written, and sit in a classroom and talk about it as if the book is real to them, is pretty amazing."

She has started on a sequel, which will be centred on Zeus' son, Ace, and loosely based on her current dog, Hades.

Burridge is the country's only female dog handler, but said she was just a dog handler, like any other. "It's hard no matter who you are, it's a hard job. There's a lot of training and a lot of work, but the results of catching bad guys is worth it."

Although it wasn't her sole motivation, Burridge is hoping the book will sow a seed in young readers about a career with police.

The book has been illustrated by a Manawatu police officer, Stephen Guy, and the 2000 copies will be given to police dog handlers to distribute to primary school libraries.

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The book will also be available from the Blue Light website.

The Waikato River gunboats - By Grant Middlemiss

The Waikato River gunboats

By Grant Middlemiss

Recommended Retail Price $35

This is the story of the 8 river gunboats deployed during the British invasion of the Waikato 1863, when a force of 12000 British and Colonial troops invaded the Waikato region.

Her Majestys Waikato River Gunboat Flotilla, New Zealands first Navy,helped to mould Waikato history. Although they are mentioned in passing by mosthistorians there is little detail of the ships or the pivotal role they played in the Waikato land war.

To reach the rich pastoral land of the Waikato interior a reliable transport route was required to move the men and their supplies. The Waikato river provided that route.

The armoured iron gunboats were deployed as a naval force and transport service to move the troops past the Maori fortifications along the river.

Review by Commander Louis Schmitt RNZNVR (Rtd) who was my maritime advser who also proof read the book

To call a book a real page-turner is to describe the Waikato River Gunboats by Grant Middlemiss.

The Waikato River Gunboats by Grant Middlemiss has turned my primary school early New Zealand History on its head. The British were engaged upon an undisguised land grab. Let no one rail against Waitangi Tribunal settlements in favour of Maori.

The book can be obtained through Grants website at: www.waikatorivergunboats.com or through:

Capital Books,

Featherston Street,

Wellington or:

Wrights Books Cambridge and:

Some Paper Plus book shops


Line of Fire - By John Lockyer

The New Zealand Police AOS is preparing to celebrate 50 years, this book is an insight into their history. 

The New Zealand Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) is an elite group of highly trained professionals, brought together in an emergency to protect the public from armed criminals, yet it is shrouded in mystery and myth. Born in the 1960s as a necessary response to random acts of violence, the AOS and the ultra-elite Anti-Terrorist Squad took on the burgeoning organised crime scene of the 1970s and the horror of Aramoana in the 1990's.

Today the AOS remains as the Police frontline rapid response to protect the public from armed criminals. However in the changing world of the twenty-first century, threats to public order and safety have reached new heights and new responses are needed - the Special Tactics Group (STG) has been created to defend against and respond to possible threats from domestic terrorism as well as the most difficult armed confrontations.

Written and illustrated from the exciting three-part TV documentary series, this is the dramatic inside story of a secret Police squad, told in full for the first time ever by the men who were there - in the Line of Fire.

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Dangerous liaisons on the frontline

by Karen M Davis

Simon & Schuster, 2013 (pb)

Lexie Rogers is a young Sydney detective on transfer to Bondi Junction after a traumatic near-death experience at the hands of a bikie gang member in Kings Cross. Shes talented, with good instincts, but every day is a battle not to succumb to post-traumatic stress. The battle gets harder when her first big case throws her straight back into the world of bikies, and all its associated fear and paranoia.

Despite her inner struggles, Lexie is determined to prove herself in the male- dominated worlds of both policing and bikies; a determination that eventually puts her in the dangerous position of being the woman who knows too much. To further complicate matters, she gets partnered with Josh, the hunky sergeant with the smouldering eyes, who in good Aussie bloke style has trouble talking about the feelings he and Lexie undeniably have for each other.

Sinister Intent isnt your typical crime thriller. It never quite fits the police procedural genre, as the details of the police work take a back seat to Lexies battles with her demons and her attraction for her sergeant. Its an entertaining read that keeps the pages turning, though at times its a little more chick lit than crime thriller.

The big reveal at the end may not come as any great surprise to most, but the author nevertheless wraps things up in a satisfying manner.

As a 20-year veteran of the New South Wales Police, Karen M Davis clearly knows what policing Sydney is really like, and
the book is at its best when it focuses on the investigation of the case. Kiwis who are curious for a peek into Australian CIB practices could do worse than picking up a copy to get the real oil (hint: apparently theres a lot of pizza, booze, and mercifully little paperwork). Luke McMahon

Review and images courtesy of the New Zealand Police Association.

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POLICE OF THE WORLD Book by Olga Birkina

In 2010 I first had the honour of being present at the Conference of the IPA in Paris. The police officers united by IPA create a single army which works for order and friendship in the whole world. My desire to tell about what I have seen and to show the photos to my colleagues in Russia was so great that it served as a catalyst for the idea to photograph the IPA officers in their uniforms and to collect these photos in the book POLICE OF THE WORLD.

You can contact Olga on her Face Book page -https://www.facebook.com/olga.birkina



Written by Dr. Frank de Silva, a former Inspector General of Police and a Past National President of IPA Sri Lanka.


Death on Demand

The latest book in Paul Thomass Detective Ihaka series, and the first in 15 years, has recently been published in the northern hemisphere by Bitter Lemon Press, which specialises in quality crime writers from smaller countries.

Thomas is sometimes referred to as the godfather of New Zealand crime writing and, even more flamboyantly, as Elmore Leonard on acid. In Death on Demand (Hodder 2012, Bitter Lemon Press 2013) he resurrects the career of Tito Ihaka, the maverick detective who filled the pages of Old School Tie, Inside Dope and Guerrilla Season in the mid-1990s. After falling foul of the new regime at Auckland Central, the Maori cop, who is unkempt, overweight, unruly, unorthodox and profane, is brought out of exile to follow a twist in the unsolved case that landed him in hot water with his bosses in the first place. His enemies want him off the job, but the bodies are piling up, including an undercover cop; then a woman gets involved . . . which wont surprise readers of the earlier books.


Review courtesy of the New Zealand Police Association

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The Luminaries

It is 1866, and Walter Moody has come to make his fortune upon the New Zealand goldfields. On arrival, he stumbles across a tense gathering of twelve local men, who have met in secret to discuss a series of unsolved crimes. A wealthy man has vanished, a whore has tried to end her life, and an enormous fortune has been discovered in the home of a luckless drunk. Moody is soon drawn into the mystery: a network of fates and fortunes that is as complex and exquisitely patterned as the night sky.The Luminariesis an extraordinary piece of fiction. It is full of narrative, linguistic and psychological pleasures, and has a fiendishly clever and original structuring device. Written in pitch-perfect historical register, richly evoking a mid-19th century world of shipping and banking and goldrush boom and bust, it is also a ghost story, and a gripping mystery. It is a thrilling achievement for someone still in her mid-20s, and will confirm for critics and readers that Catton is one of the brightest stars in the international writing firmament.

ISBN: 9781847084316

Hardback, 848 pages


The Cost of Bravery

Allan Sparkes was the first Australian police officer to be awarded Australia's highest decoration for bravery, the Cross of Valour.

He had no idea however that his rescue of a boy from a flooded storm water system would culminate in the end of his police career and leave his life hanging in the balance.

The Cost of Bravery is a brutally frank and honest account of what happened to Allan after he saved young Jais life. It is a valuable insight into the debilitating mental illness of post-traumatic stress disorder, in Allans case caused by 20 years of exposure to the unimaginable horrors and trauma of police work. It is also a love story of the incredible relationship Allan shares with his wife and children that was tested in ways that few could ever contemplate.

Allans recovery was over a decade long roller coaster of disappointment and achievement as he rebuilt his mind, body and soul. After an emotional journey to hell and back, it was a physical journey sailing with his family 16,000 nautical miles from England to Australia that made Allan feel like the man he once was again.

Everyone can relate on some level to Allan's raw, emotional and at times funny story that is written with honesty and humility. It is hard not to be inspired by the courage and determination of this man and the support his loving family.


Allan Sparkes book is also available as ebooks from amazon.com, apple

iBookstore, Google e-books, Kobo, ReadCloud and Booki.sh.


From the beat to the bookshelf

There are hundreds of current, retired or former police officers all around the world who are putting their experiences of real-world crime into tell-all autobiographies, thrillers and best-selling novels.

So what is it about the psyche of police officers that compels so many of them to put pen to paper or, in the modern idiom, finger to keyboard?

New Zealands latest officerturned-author success story, Ken Brewer, says theres no doubt that police officers have interesting experiences and stories to tell.

Police work in general is part of history. We are not just dealing with people, but also dealing with history on a day-to-day basis, though we dont always realise it at the time, he says.

Brewer, 67, originally from England, spent 21 years with Counties Manukau Police. He had previously written and contributed to several non-fiction books about New Zealand Police, but last year he hit the publishing jackpot with his first work of fiction, The EnfieldConspiracy.

His historical military adventure was snapped up by American company Seaburn Publishing, which was so excited by the work it rushed it into print in a record six weeks.

Brewer is pretty excited too. He spent a year researching the book, which is based on fact and incorporates real people. It appears to have hit the button! he says.

Set in the 1800s, The EnfieldConspiracy revolves around a young soldier who journeys from Devonshire to India, Australia and finally New Zealand where he becomes embroiled in the New Zealand Wars. Along the way there are outstanding acts of bravery, secret plots, manhunts and daring rescues. By all accounts its a ripping read.

Brewer launched his book at the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club in Auckland in January and now it is sitting in the top 5000 books on the Amazon shopping website. Three other companies are vying for the rights to publish the unnamed sequel, which Brewer is currently working on.

David BatesAnother Kiwi policeman turned- writer is David Bates of Tauranga, a former inspector who now works as a barrister. He came to writing as a result of a lifelong enthusiasm for reading, learning and studying. During a 17-year police career, he passed all his exams, including his commissioned officer papers, knocked off an LLB and was admitted to the bar. The scribbling that he did in his spare time evolved into a couple of novels, both with police- and law-related themes. Beneath theCherry Tree was self-published in December 2009, followed by his latest novel, The Making of Travis, a dark crime thriller set in the 1950s involving things no child should ever have to endure.

Bates says he didnt become a writer because he had been a police officer, but his former roles had contributed significantly to how he wrote. As a result of his knowledge of criminal law and the police and justice systems it was possible to add real colour and veracity to his writing. Youve smelt it, tasted it, felt it, because you have been there. It adds reality to your writing.

David Bates

Other Kiwi cops have made their mark writing non-fiction, including Sherwood Young who wrote, among"other police histories, a comprehensive history of capital crimes in New Zealand calledGuilty on theDavidGallows. He says police officers amass considerable experience of human nature and the pitfalls of life:how things have been caused and how they might have been avoided with the benefit of hindsight. Thesewriters want to share their pride in good outcomes and create a sense of mystery along the way, he says.

Young adds that people are always keen to hear, or view, policerelated stories. Natural disasters, man-made conflicts, homicide, sexual offending these become part and parcel of the police role. People want to know more about them. Police want to tell them.

His own journey from police officer to writer began in 1976 when he was transferred to Police National Headquarters in Wellington. Having trained as a historian at university he was probably a natural choice for sorting out a file on police history that had been running for about 25 years. I soon developed a personal interest when I discovered the initiator had in large part been my grandfather who died in office as commissioner in 1952.

Young says the file became a blessing and burden for the next 30 years and was the genesis of several books. My becoming a writer was a mixture of university training, happenstance and a genuine interest in history and New Zealand policing history in particular.

The natural inquisitiveness of police officers combined with their written and oral skills, developed in service, create a fertile mix for storytelling.

A pioneer in the field is Joseph Wambaugh, a former Los Angeles Police Department detective, who has been writing best-selling stories about cops and crooks for more than 30 years, including his early non-fiction work The Onion Field(1973), which detailed the kidnapping of two LAPD officers and the subsequent murder of one of them.

He became successful as a novelist while he was still working as a detective and reportedly said: I would have guys in handcuffs asking me for autographs.

His realistic approach to police drama was highly influential in both film and television depictions, such as TVs HillStreet Blues, from the mid-1970s onward.

Every police officer has probably thought, at one time or another, people wouldnt believe what we have to deal with, what we have seen, what we have had to do, from the funny to the tragic. At the Chicago Police Academy last year, police officers were even given advice on how they might best tell their stories. Instructor Jonathan Eig, a non-fiction writer, said his impression of

the officers was that many of them were dealing with powerful themes and terrific storylines. Ellen Brook

Story coutesy of the New Zealand Police Association

Visit their website - www.policeassn.org.nz


Luther - The Calling by Neil Cross

A book that tells the gripping story behind a critically acclaimed television characters fall from grace has scooped New Zealands crime writing award for 2012. Wellington-based novelist and screenwriter Neil Cross was announced as the winner of the prestigious Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, for his unflinching, brutal, and brilliant book Luther: The Calling, at the conclusion of the lively Great New Zealand Crime Debate event at the Christchurch Writers Festival on Saturday, 1 September.

DCI John Luther, wonderfully played onscreen in the BBC series by Idris Elba, is one of the most compelling characters to hit television screens in recent memory, but Neil Cross adds even more layers and intrigue to the hulking, volatile policeman in Luther: The Calling, said Judging Convener Craig Sisterson. While screen adaptations from popular books are relatively common, the reverse is rare usually for good reason. Luther: The Calling, however, is a magnificent tale, tautly written yet lyrical, a prequel that hurls readers onto a dark and traumatic roller coaster that reveals how Luther found himself standing on a precipice at the beginning of the TV shows first season.


0857203371 (ISBN13: 9780857203373)


Ripped Apart, a city in chaos by Bob Parker

Ripped Apart is Mayor Bob Parkers personal story about the earthquakes that devastated Christchurch. Bobs tireless and unflappable communications gained him superstar status around the world.

He so impressed the American TV network, NBC, it broadcast to the world that New York, after 9/11, had Rudy Giuliani. Christchurch, after the earthquakes, had Bob Parker.

A Christchurch mother said: For eight days I lived in my house under a table with my children because we were so scared. The only thing that calmed us was Bobs voice on the radio. We trusted him.

Within a few months of his triumphs the tide turned. The Minister of Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, dubbed him a clown; his council was dysfunctional; and Government, not the council, controlled the citys rebuild.

Ripped Apart reveals the arguments, indecision, petty jealousies, power struggles and policies that occurred before, during, and after the crises. These are balanced with glimpses of dedication, courage, compassion and a unique vision. It is a story about people behind the scenes and events that saw Christchurch Ripped Apart, not just physically, but politically and emotionally.


Pages: 240

Bind: Paperback

Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm


A Look Back at the New Zealand Traffic Officer

A new book has been produced to mark the 20th anniversary of the merger between the Ministry of Transports Traffic Safety Service and New Zealand Police.A Look Back at the New Zealand Traffic Officer, compiled by LouForhecz, is a pictorial recordcovering the 55 years from 1937 to 1992 when road traffic, safety and education work were the responsibility of designated traffic officers throughout the country until Police took on the task of traffic enforcement on July 1, 1992.A Look Back at the New Zealand Traffic Officer is available from the publisher, Lou Forhecz, and can be ordered via email: Lforhecz@xtra. co.nz. The price is $45, plus $5.50 for standard postage (prepaid bubble wrap bag).


K9 Cops: Police Dogs of the World by Nigel Allsopp

In this fascinating book, Nigel Allsopp lifts the lid on the world of police dogs, examining the vital role they play both in Australia and around the world.Despite the high-tech devices now available to law enforcement officials, K9s as they're known in the trade remain an indispensable part of police work in a range of fields, most notably terrorism and border protection. K9s may sometimes be sent into difficult and dangerous situations, but this is never done without care and concern, for at the heart of their role is the relationship between dog and handler. An informative and heart-warming account, perfect for dog lovers, K9 Cops explores the history, training and employment of police dogs.

ISBN: 9781921941764

Category: General

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 15/03/2012

Country of origin: Australia

Pages: 288

Dimensions (mm): 230mm


Surrender by Donna Malene

Surrenderfollows freelance researcher Diane Rowe. Her subject: missing persons. Sometimes she works for the police, sometimes for private investigators, and other times for anyone else that wants to track down someone they miss. Her latest job is for the police force, and seems to be a rather tricky one. A body was discovered, old, and mostly decayed, in the Rimutaka State Forest. But this time its a struggle to figure out who this John Doe is. There are no persons listed as missing on the register that match up to the JD, but how could a man go missing without a single person noticing? Worse still, storms over the years will have shifted the body around the ranges, making it almost impossible to figure out the spot where the man died.But at the same time, Rowe is working on another investigation however this one is personal. She finds out that Snow, the suspected killer of her sister, Niki, who was murdered a year ago, has just been discovered, dead. Snow has been stabbed in the back with a boning knife, identical to the way that Niki was killed. But who killed him, and why? The more she investigates, the more a tangled web emerges, a web that makes Nikis life appear a lot more sinister than Diane ever imagined. Just what was her sweet baby sister getting up to that she didnt know about? Sometimes, some truths should stay buried.Surrender is fast-paced and edgy. Its main character is tough and rough but shes also very likeable, which will make her last over the series.

Publisher:NZ Society of Authors [2010]


Length: 300 pages

Format: Paperback


Life on Wheels by Graeme Sinclair

Graeme Sinclair producer, writer and star of the ever popular Gone Fishin' writes candidly about his life and career.While many of his younger fans have only ever known him in a wheelchair, for the first 40 years of his eventful life he had the full use of his legs. Struck down with MS unexpectedly in his forties instead of allowing his misfortune to dominate his life, he carried on as normal, only now on wheels. This presented some interesting challenges, filming and travelling to make the TV show. A hero to his younger viewers through his Kid's Gone Fishin' and the NZ Police blue light programme, he puts down his ability to relate to kids to the fact he is at their height and they can look him in the eye. Talking about his upbringing and his own children, will stike a chord with any parent.His love of the New Zealand outdoors and it's ability to heal the spirit and his willingness to talk about the tough times, as well as the good, will reveal facets of this muti-talented man to his audience that they can never have imagined.

ISBN - 9781877566134


Five Foot and Fearless by Liz Williams

Five Foot and Fearlessis the inspiring story of Liz Williams, a police officer and mum of one, who desperately wanted to be part of the Armed Offenders Squad. The brutal selection process would send most people running for cover, but her husband's words spurred her on: 'You know, you could do it if you wanted to.'Liz's story is one of determination and girl power.She struggles with motherhood and childcare just like any other working mum but in Liz's world, she needs someone to look after her son at 1 a.m. when she's called on to fight crime.A gifted storyteller, Liz entertains with tales of drowning in AOS gear that is too big for her, trying to keep her togs from riding up in the swim trial, and dealing with criminals in bad underwear. But her story has a darker side, as she reveals the harsh realities of the job that an AOS member faces every day. Liz's account of the 2009 Napier siege is especially harrowing.At times laugh-out-loud funny, at other times shocking, Liz's story offers rare insights into one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

Published:23 Mar 2012

ISBN 13:9780143566939

ISBN 10:0143566938





Does this make my gun look BIG! - By Liz Williams

A humorous, exciting and engaging autobiography recounting Liz's career as a 17-year-old Air Force Recruit then on to the New Zealand Police before moving to her current position in the CIB. A fascinating view into a job that many may have an idea about but few know the realities of.

ISBN: 9781877393280

PUBLISHER: Hazard Press Limited

IMPRINT: Hazard PressD

IMENSIONS: 210mm X 138mm

PRODUCED IN: New Zealand


The Heretic by C L McMahon


Gus Deacon, ex-CIA, is a freelanceoperative. But ajob went wrong,and now an armsdealer wants himdead. Deacon isoffered a chanceto make amends.

It sounds easy maybe too easy.But before thebullets even startflying, he gets the feeling that nothing is quitewhat it seems.The Heretictightens its grip asthe dance of deceit draws Deacon ever closerto a shattering conclusion. The author ofthis new crime thriller, one C L McMahon,turns out to be a dark horse who moonlightsas Police Association CommunicationsManager and Strategic Advisor LukeMcMahon. In a brilliant stroke of shamelessself-promotion, McMahon strategicallyadvised his colleagues to download The Heretic for some summer reading.

Find outwhat they thought and download your ownversion for only $2.99 at

www.smashwords.com orwww.amazon.com

Courtesy of Police News / New Zealand Police Association



A Young Cop, by Basil Simpson

Basil Simpson is an old timer with asense of humour and long memory. Partof his motivation for putting together hisself-published book,A Young Cop, abouthis years in the police from 1948 to1960, was to remind people how thingsused to be.

The result is an idiosyncratic,scrapbook-style history - anecdotes,newspaper clippings, photographs, notesand drawings - of policing in a smallcoastal town.

In 1951, at the age of 23, Basil wasput in charge of the remote Te Araroastation in Matakaoa district on the EastCoast, at that time described as themost easterly British township in theworld. The milk was still deliveredin a horse-drawn cart, crayfish was ashilling a pound and Maori was the mostcommonly spoken language.

As the sole-charge cop, Basil says hiswork covered the roles of bailiff, fisheriesinspector, arms officer and probationofficer.

Prosecutions were minimal, but Basilsometimes dispensed summary justice,including recommending to parentsswishing with a stick on the rear andno pictures for six weeks, and gettingwayward youths to dig his garden for anhour or two.

Drunkenness was common. Basils firstarrest at Te Araroa was the offenders 33rdconviction for that offence.Even Basil wasnt immune to the drink.

He recalls that on his first Christmas in thetown, he shared a bottle of Johnny Walkerwhisky with a neighbour to whom hehad delivered some cream (from his owncows) for the Christmas pudding. Whenhe returned home, my good lady lockedme in the cell with a mattress and a urinalto sober up.

Over the next nine years, he andhis wife and five children became animportant part of the tight-knit communityuntil Basil left the police to go farming.His recollections will be of specificinterest to East Coasters, especially thefamilies of Te Araroa, but they also havewider appeal as a peek into life in apredominantly Maori area during a gentlerera of community policing.

To get a copy of A Young Cop, by Basil Simpson, $30, email - simpson5@xtra.co.nz

Courtesy of Police News / New Zealand Police Association



Evolve with Trauma by Dr Jeannie Higgins

Dr Jeannie Higgins has over 30 years as a specialist in trauma working with police, veterans, emergency workers, health professionals and survivors of rape, abuse and torture. Traumatic events can completely shatter our lives leaving us lost and overwhelmed, often leading to behaviour patterns of dependence, self-neglect, self-abuse, and disrupted relationships with loved ones.

Dr Higgins has a long history of supporting dedicated police and their families. She makes multiple recommendations for marked changes, including managerial practices and aspects of job design to counter what she sees as a recent change in policing management and culture, which appear to have become even more closed and insular. There is increasing blame placed on individual officers.

Dr Higgins recently gave a presentation to the Police Federation of Australia and was also a keynote speaker in a national conference of police psychologists. Dr Higgins challenges Police organisations to address work-related injury, stress, trauma and chronic pain and to minimise the impact of suffering and distress upon individuals in those environments.

She says that many traumatised police are soldiering on in very unfavourable circumstances with huge gaps between their private and professional roles. This book identifies ways of taking back authentic power. It directly addresses profound isolation, despair and increased suicidal risk. It enables people to help themselves across all levels of functioning and in all domains. It facilitates further understanding of symptoms, discerning selection and access to suitable resources.

In her book, Dr Higgins offers alternatives and innovative methods to positively transform the self, the family, the community, the workplace and our society. Issues associated with the relationship with the self are addresse directly, within a persons unique context. Quality of life is seen as a critical aspect of this process.

The processes of moving beyond trauma are graphically illustrated throughout the book through the use of real life examples. The question and response format is based on what traumatised people are actually asking.

The book also provides a technical glossary with over 90 relevant terms often used by mental health professionals, physicians, case managers, rehabilitation providers and lawyers. It also contains over 200 references and resources. Selecting a mental health worker, criteria to tell between the various treatments and the essential foundations of such work, are all addressed.

Evolve with Trauma is firmly set within a human rights framework and the critical nature of a favourable vocational environment. Explicit recommendations are made for coping with the medicolegal system.

The book provides a valuable resource of information for police who may be traumatised or are working in traumatic circumstances, their families and other supporters.

Book: Evolve with Trauma

Author: Dr Jeannie Higgins

RRP: $43.60 (AUS) (inclusive of GST, postage and handling)

Publisher: Thawun Press, ACT, Australia.

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Arthur Troop Book Release by Arthur Troop

After the Second World War, a young, idealistic policeman from Lincolnshire wished to see the end of warfare forever. Arthur Troop had always believed in the idea of people talking to each other rather than fighting. He had always believed in the positive qualities of friendship, and that it should become more popular on a worldwide scale.So he wrote to others, here and overseas, and found that they believed in this philosophy as well.In Skegness, on 1st January 1950, Arthur Troop founded The International Police Association, and set in motion an idea and an organisation, which was to grow dramatically. It became a story of success and achievement for the Association, seeing more countries joining the family of friends as the years progressed.The early days, however, were not easy for the man, or for his creation, and a number of setbacks questioned his own faith. This is a very personal account, by a sensitive, creative man, about the ups and downs encountered during those early days of The International Police Association. Copies are available from the publisher K. T. Publications, 16 Fane Close, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 1HG, England.

When ordering the book reference is KT68 ISBN 0 907759 211


God in a Brothel: An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue by Daniel Walker

This is the personal and true story of Daniel Walker (pseudonym) a KIWI Detective who has published this book about his time working undercover to rescue women and children trapped in the global sex industry

The story of an undercover investigator's experiences infiltrating the multi-billion dollar global sex industry.

It is a story of triumph for the children and young teens released from a life of slavery and the rescuer who freed many hundreds of victims leading to the prosecution of dozens of perpetrators. And it is a story of haunting despair for those left behind in corrupt systems of law enforcement.

IVP Books

Length: 208 pages
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches
Binding: paperback
Published: July 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-8308-3806-6


Christchurch 22.2 Beyond the Cordon

With unique photographs, most of which have never been seen before,Christchurch 22.2 Beyond the Cordonis a distinctive record of the Christchurch February quake.

The Christchurch earthquake of 22 February 2011 was one of the worst natural disasters in New Zealands history. The quake devastated New Zealands second biggest city, led to the loss of 181 lives and caused significant damage to infrastructure both within Christchurch itself and its immediate surrounds.

Hachette New Zealand was approached by the Canterbury District Police to produce a high-quality book of colour photography taken by Police forensic photographers, documenting the response to the earthquake.

The 208-page book has 256 evocative photographs shot by police photographers throughout the massive rescue and recovery operation. The police photographers were the only photographers allowed to work for extended periods inside the cordoned area of the CBD known as the Red Zone.

They had long-term access to all the major rescue sites and have hundreds of stunning images documenting the rescue effort, the work of emergency services personnel from both New Zealand and around the world, as well as the devastating upheaval of the cityscape.

The photos will be accompanied by captions and an introduction from the photographers, documenting their personal responses to Operation Earthquake. As well there will be a foreword by high-profile Canterbury Police District Commander Superintendent Dave Cliff and two poems by Gary McCormick.

Procedes from the book will be donated to Christchurch charity, Family Help Trust which works with at-risk families including many that have been affected by the earthquakes.

Christchurch 22.2: Beyond the Cordon

by the New Zealand Police
Published by Hachette
ISBN 9781869712556


On My Honour by Brendon Colvert

The retired Editor of Section Ireland, Brendon Colvert, has written a book which will be available from late June.

On My Honour is the historical account of a grave injustice inflicted on an Irish policeman falsely accused of taking a bribe, his courage and persistence to have his good name restored over a period of 70 years and his final triumph.

William Geary lived for 105 years, was the last man standing of the founder members of the Garda Sochna and was awarded a Knighthood of the Holy Sepulchre.

The book has received accolades from distinguished authors and commentators and will appeal to members of police, historians and all advocates of justice. Described as a . moving narrative ofofficial cowardice and obfuscation, maintained over decades. Yet despite his experience William Gearys message is ..to wear the uniform with pride and serve with honour guardians of the peace, unshakable pillars of justice in a world often unaware of your great contribution to the well being of society.

The publication is due out in June 2011 and consists of 160 page in paperback, measuring 198mm x 129mm.



Blue Adrenalin - Life in the New Zealand Police - By Bill OBrien

Reviewed by Peter Hayes, NZ Police Association

By Bill OBrien, A Longacre Book published by Random House 2010

Available from most good booksellers.

RRP $34.99

This is another excellent book by Bill OBrien. A prolific author in his retirement ,Bill served in the NZ Police for more than 35 years and has published six other non-fiction books plus another eight childrens titles.

This book is an insight into modern NZ policing as seen from the personal perspective of many Police Officers in a variety of roles. It starts with the Police structure, then the transition from civilian life and moves through the many sections within the Police. Several chapters finish with an interactive section that the reader can use to test their response to a scenario. Bill always writes at the end: The decision is yours.

I note that he does not give a correct answer, but policing is not an exact science is it? Also, the reader has time to contemplate a response, unlike real policing decisions, which are generally made in a split second.

The book is an easy read that can be picked up again and again at leisure. It would make an ideal gift for anyone contemplating a career in the Police along with anyone else who may need some reminding that it is still fundamentally the same out there, but a little different in todays world all the same. There may be new technology involved in many parts of policing today, but the very old craft of being a good copper is still required in virtually every role.

Bills long service shows through in this book. Although most of his service was in the forensic arena, his knowledge of Police practice is very apparent. His dedication in the front of the book reads:

This book is dedicated to the men and women of the New Zealand Police.If there is a better Police service anywhere in the world it must be verygood.

Thanks for the endorsement Bill. Enjoy the read. I recommend buying thisbook, but,the decision is yours

Article courtesy of thePolice News/NZ Police Association.



Tact and Tenacity - New Zealand Women in Policing by Valerie Redshaw

Reviewed by Chrys Ayley

Written by:Valerie Redshaw, Region Four IPA.

The book, 13 years in the making, is a tribute to the contribution made by New Zealand women to the police from the 19th century to 2001 - 60th anniversary of the first women being appointed to the police.

Ms Redshaw chronicles the struggle by women for acceptance into the police. Starting with the early involvement of women as matrons she examines the social, historical and political issues that influenced the involvement of women in the police.

Challenges and progress are highlighted by the inclusion of many personal stories of courage and perseverance. The book contains some fascinating anecdotes and several hundred historic black and white illustrations.

Tact and Tenacity is easy to read and a significant history of the involvement of women in the New Zealand Police.

Val Redshaw and Minister of Police, Annette King

Author:Valarie Redshaw

Publisher: Grantham House Publishing, 6/9 Wilkinson Street, Wellington 6011

ISBN: 978-1-869-34099-5


In the Blink of an Eye by Martin Jenkins

New Zealands first ever drowsy driving educational guide published

New Zealanders are finally being told the truth about the dangers of drowsy driving, largely thanks to the efforts of a sleep safety researcher and campaigner Martin Jenkins who has produced a handbook to help save lives.

Jenkins handbook is described as a passport to survival by police authorities and the handbook AIKILLA In the blink of an eye is now available.

Jenkins says It identifies the causes of drowsy driving when and why you are most at risk such as after a plane flight, fast food or on medication and it then tells you the steps you take to minimize your risk.

While drowsy driving has long been recognised in other countries including the US, UK, Canada and Australia as a major killer on the roads, it has largely been downplayed by New Zealand transport authorities and policymakers.

The book dispels some myths. It tells you what things wont revive you when you are feeling drowsy.

Author: Martin Jenkins

Publisher: New Zealand Sleep Safety Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-473-11401-5

Price: $10 + $3 handling and postage within New Zealand

Phone: Martin Jenkins on 027 604 7329





My name is Gerard Mak and I was a police-officer in Amsterdam, working in the centre of Amsterdam, named The Red Light District. A famous area and well-known all over the world.

During my duty, a lot of incidents happens.  I’ve written a book of all those incidents. Happy, sad, incredible or unbelievable stories. Short stories of an Amsterdam cop. I’ll share my stories with all my colleagues all over the world. To connect each other, to share each other experiences. Or to make you happy or laugh at the stupid incidents which happened in other countries.

You’ll enjoy it. My book will be published at the end of 2014.

There will be the possibility to order ‘Copshop’ later in the year, information to come.

Friendly regards,

Gerard Mak

Headinspector Information

Policestation Warmoesstraat 48 


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