Crewe Murders

The Crewe Murders - By Ken Brewer

Crewe Murders

2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the winter's night when Harvey and Jeanette Crewe, a young farming couple, were slaughtered in their farmhouse at Pukekawa near Tuakau.

The Crewe's were shot dead on or about June 17, 1970. Bloodstains on the walls and carpet pointed to their violent deaths and removal, but there was no trace of them. Their killer spared the life of the couple's only child, 18-month-old Rochelle. Her grandfather Len Demler (died in 1992), who lived on a neighbouring farm, discovered her five days later, trapped, distressed and dehydrated in her cot. Teams of detectives and uniformed police officers converged on the farm looking for clues as to the Crewes whereabouts and who might have murdered them. Their sinister and mysterious disappearance was to become one of New Zealand's most publicised crimes.

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Reproduced courtesy of the New Zealand Herald

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