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IPA World Prize 2016

IPA World Prize 2016

Awarded Maria Appelblom

Dated 23-12-2016

IPA Sweden is honoured to confirm that one of this year’s recipients of the IPA World Police Prize is IPA Sweden member Maria Appelblom, who was awarded by the International Executive Board of the IPA. Since its introduction, the IPA World Prize (formerly known as the IPA World Police Prize) has only been awarded 7 times:

1994 Interpol

1995 The founder of the IPA: Arthur Troop

1998 IBZ Gimborn

2000 The United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention

2003 Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS)

2006 Dr. Francisco Vicente Badenes (Brazil)

2011 Ahuva Tomer, Lior Boker and Yitchak Melina (Israel)

Ms Appelblom has been a member of the Swedish Section of the IPA since 1996, and is a former member of the Regional IPA Board of Region 6, Sweden. Ms Appelblom is at present the Chief of the UN Standing Capacity. She was nominated by the Swedish Section for her unselfish work on Human Rights, equal opportunities as well as for her dedication to making this world a better place. Ms Appelblom is one of the founders of ‘Woman to Woman’ (Kvinna till Kvinna). This NGO supports women in war zones with supplies of female necessities. She participated actively in the formation of the Nordic Baltic Woman Police Association, of which she remains an active member. Her inexhaustible voluntary work for other human beings over the years in many countries around the world and her dedication in her daily work mirror Ms Appelblom’s genuine concern for fellow human beings, and her belief in making a change ensures that she is a worthy winner of the IPA World Prize. This year, the IPA World Prize was awarded to 2 recipients. The second award goes to the IPA Greece regions of Kilkis, Drama, Magnesia, Akarnania, Lesvos and Chios for their members’ unselfish efforts in providing humanitarian support and services to arriving refugees. Both IPA World Prizes were presented at the Award Winner’s Evening during the recent IPA World Congress in Auckland, New Zealand, and the award for Maria Appelblom was taken home to Sweden by the Swedish Section, as Ms Appelblom was not able to participate due to other commitments on an international level. On behalf of the Swedish IPA section, I would like to forward my most sincere congratulations to Ms Maria Appelblom.

May-Britt Rinaldo, President IPA Sweden

International IPA President's letter

Dear IPA friends,First of all, I would like to wholeheartedly thank our friends in Israel for the wonderful two weeks we spent during the World Congress and the friendship week. Their warm welcome and professionalism in the organization of these two events assured a superb success!We now take to the sea with a new team in the PEB. The sails have been raised and we must now find a good wind so that our crossing will be smooth sailing; one that will live up to the expectations of all members, while respecting the fundamental principles and ideals of the association. By the end of this month the International Commissions will be formed, the results will be announced very soon.

They will permit the PEB to continue the development of projects in progress and to set new goals that will be determined during our next meeting.The weeks to come will permit the PEB, as well as commission members, to fix new objectives. We must keep them simple, realistic, and attainable while at the same time keeping in mind the following goals:- Improve the social impact of the IPA- Work towards a better recognition of the IPA within police departments worldwide.- Help sections in need- Support major improvements to the IPA House program.- Simplify and modernize official IPA documents.

On behalf of the PEB, I thank you all for your confidence in us. Rest assured of our motivation and determination towards the development of our association. Transparency and communication must be our common credo. Dont hesitate to contact us often. Instead of letting situations deteriorate let us be open to dialogue, in the spirit of the IPA and the common good of the association.

All the best

Servo per Amikeco


Pierre-Martin Moulin

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