Redwoods Treewalk - Rotorua

Situated only 5-minutes’ drive from downtown Rotorua is the magnificent Redwood Forest – home to the Redwoods Treewalk and Redwoods Nightlights, a Rotorua must do!

This award winning attraction is great for all ages and at 700-metres long, is a one of a kind New Zealand treewalk consisting of a series of 28 suspension bridges, which traverse between 27 majestic 117-year-old Redwood Trees. The treewalk sits at 20-metres above the forest at its peak and the walkway has been specifically designed and constructed to preserve the trees, plants, and the surrounding natural environment by using a uniquely constructed New Zealand-first technologically designed sling, which is suspended from the Redwood trees.

This ecological walk is a perfect wet weather activity with the stunning colours of the forest coming to life in the rain.

Enjoy at your own pace with no safety harnesses or training required and appreciate the peacefulness and spirit of this special forest.

Along the walk are informative story boards that will educate all the family on local stories and forestry.

Daytime for Nature and Night time for magic – you won’t be disappointed!


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